I’m really interested by the idea of reversal. There are a few pieces in this exhibition, which I created while I was making The Flux and the Puddle, which are upside-down. I feel like I’m discovering a whole new space. I began a series of heads a while back, whereby I work on a head, give it an identity and a soul, and then I flip it and use the eyes as the starting point for a new face, a new head, a new identity while forgetting the old one. It creates an object that contains two identities, one much more direct, and the other hidden, forgotten, old, but still there. That interests me enormously.

David Altmejd, in “David Altmejd’s Seven-Year Itch” / interview with Isa Tousignant, Canadian Art, May 20, 2015 (on line).

Epoxy clay, plaster, glass eyes, synthetic hair, acrylic paint, metal wire, resin, quartz and assorted minerals, pyrite

Collection Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal