Untitled (Swallow)


It must be so intense for someone to go from one state of physical and mental identity, to a totally opposite one, in 20 seconds, or even 10 seconds. I like to think that the transformation is so intense, that if you chopped the head off at that moment, it would immediately crystallize. I’m interested in the idea that a very intense energy would be stuck in an object. I use that little story to explain what kind of weird energy I want the object to be charged with. I like that the symbolic complexity of the werewolf, the energy related to transformation, the violence of a beheading, and the seductive/magical aspect of crystals would all be contained in an object that has the size of a head. I like the size of a head.

David Altmejd, in “David Altmejd Talks About the Werewolf”, Mythym / compiled and edited by Trinie Dalton (Brooklyn: PictureBox, 2008), p. 154.

Polystyrene, expandable foam, epoxy clay, epoxy gel, acrylic paint, synthetic hair, jewelry, glitter

The Brant Foundation, Greenwich, Connecticut