The fact that I was able to enter the new territory of these multimedia pieces in Plexiglas justified or proved to me why it was so important to make those gold chain pieces. And the gold chain pieces offered me a doorway into a new space inside of which I could have an infinite number of new possibilities. I think that is what drives me. When I work on something I have to have the feeling that it is also a doorway to new space, that it has this potential of bringing me somewhere else.

David Altmejd, in "Seductive Repulsions: An Interview with David Altmejd" / interview with Robert Enright ; introduction by Meeka Walsh, Border Crossings, vol. 34, issue no. 1 (Mar./Apr./May 2015), p. 59.

Plexiglas, chain, thread, beads, acrylic paint, metal wire

The Brant Foundation, Greenwich, Connecticut