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Installation of the work in the main hall of the Musée

I wanted to put together bodies made solely of plaster and moulds of my hands. I called them the Bodybuilders because I used the mould of my hands to move the plaster about from one place to another, to create a body with a particular shape that would be determined by the body itself. I soon saw that the bodybuilders use their hands to push up their muscle matter, taking it from below and pressing it upwards so that it accumulates—behind their shoulders, for example, where you get sorts of wing structures appearing. For me, taking material from the bottom and making it rise is a basic sculptural act. This is the act that gave rise to The Watchers, these winged figures.

David Altmejd, in “L’espace intérieur” / interview with François Michaud and Robert Vifian, David Altmejd : Flux (Paris: Paris Musées, 2014), p. 30-31.

Steel, plaster, burlap, polystyrene, expandable foam

Collection Paul et Mary-Dailey Desmarais