Because of its size, I can’t identify with the giant. When I’m working on it, I forget that it’s a body, because it’s too big. So I can only work in an abstract manner: on the texture, the colour… It was very interesting for me, because I had become accustomed to working on regular-size bodies, which I couldn’t step back from. But in this case, I was working on a gigantic body, which allowed me to lose myself within it and forget that it was a body. Then, I started making moulds of my hand and placed them in one of the giants. I began to use hand moulds inside the giant to symbolize movement, the movement of a sculptor. I then decided to hide this idea inside other, life-size bodies.

David Altmejd, in "L’espace intérieur" / interview with François Michaud and Robert Vifian, David Altmejd : Flux, Paris, Paris Musées, 2014, p. 38-39.

Polystyrene, expandable foam, wood, epoxy clay, epoxy gel, sand, synthetic hair, resin, acrylic paint, latex paint, glass eye

The Brant Foundation, Greenwich, Connecticut