I am really not interested in gore. What I make has to be positive and seductive. Instead of rotting, the characters in my work are crystallizing. This makes the narratives of the pieces move towards life rather than death.

David Altmejd, in “21st Century Werewolf Aesthetics — An Interview with David Altmejd” / interview with Randy Gladman, C Magazine, no. 82 (Summer 2004), p. 41; quoted in David Velasco, “Monsters in the Closet: Learning to Love David Altmejd’s Werewolves,” Art Papers, vol. 29, no. 4 (July/Aug. 2005), p. 34.

Plaster, resin, acrylic paint, latex paint, synthetic hair, jewellery, glitter, wood, lighting system, plexiglas, mirror, gold chain, metal wire

Collection Andrea Rosen